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Stop Korupcji - about us


"Stop Korupcji" ( Stop corruption ) association was set up in January 2003. Three months later the association was registered in the State Commercial Register of Associations (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy).

The Association " Stop Korupcji " belongs to the NGO sector. We are the first NGO in Poland which deals with corruption issues.

The head office is situated in Opole, but there are our branches and a lot of regional representatives in most of the Polish big cities, including Warsaw, Lodz, Gdansk, Torun.

Since then, the costs of our activity is covered only by membership fees and donations of our supporters.

The main aims of the association:

  • preventing corruption and breaches of law,
  • acting for transparency in public services,
  • popularization of honesty and ethical models of activities in public life (including lecturers, courses, etc.)
  • promoting standards of modern country.

We cooperate with a lot of well-known organizations, e.g. Transparency International Poland, Adam Smith Research Center, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Poland Chapter.

Although we are young organization, we exposed a lot of corruption cases (especially in Opole and Torun), which revealed dishonesty and corruption in public services in Poland.

Moreover, along with the President of Opole Ryszard Zembaczyński and Polish Security Printing Works ( Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. ) we organized the first e-tender system in administration sector in Poland (and Eastern Europe). The system was shown on 16 th December 2003 in Opole.

Besides, we organized First Polish Anti-Corruption Conference in Torun which took place on 4 th October 2003. Among our visitors and lecturers were a lot of VIPs, including well-known professors - Andrzej Zybertowicz, Jerzy Przystawa, Grzegorz Górski, ex- President of the Polish Seym Maciej Płażyński, the President of Transparency International Poland - Julia Pitera, the president of Lodz Jerzy Kropiwnicki, vice-President of Adam Smith Research Center Andrzej Sadowski.

We also have started First Polish Anti-corruption web-site: www.stopkorupcji.org.pl , which is visited by a few hundred people by a day.

We are going to expand our activities into international area.

Our association would like to start cooperation with organizations acting outside Poland (especially NGOs) which aim to combat corruption and are active in fields similar to ours as well. We would like to cooperate with organizations from Eastern Europe, as well as from Western Europe and other continents.

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